Boil Water Advisory from WSSC

As a precaution, WSSC has issued a Boil Water Advisory (BWA) for customers  in a section of southern Prince George’s County, including Accokeek and portions of Fort Washington and Piscataway.

Type in your address in the interactive map to find out if you live in the affected area which is east of Indian Head Highway, west of Piscataway Road and south of Palmer Road running down to the Charles County line. 

If you live in the affected area you should boil your water before drinking it, making ice, washing dishes (without a dishwasher), brushing teeth and food preparation. Water should be brought to a rolling boil for one minute and cooled before using. Water for pets should be boiled and then cooled for their use.

A water main broke Tuesday night but the heavy amounts of rain due to yesterday’s storm and darkness overnight have hampered the search to locate the broken pipe. WSSC will provide more specifics on the location and size of the broken water main as it becomes available.

It is important to note that some customers who were out of water last night are not included in the Boil Water Advisory zone. Only those in the affected areas experienced a significant loss of water pressure in their area of the water distribution system and will need to boil their water for the next several days.

Check the WSSC website, Twitter and Facebook for updates as this situation develops.

When a water system, or in this case a small portion of a water system, loses pressure there is an increased risk of contamination. Therefore, WSSC recommends if you live in the affected area, that you boil your water per the guidelines stated above.

This BWA will remain in effect until approximately 36 – 48 hours after service is restored.  That allows time for mandatory water sampling which ensures quality has been restored.  Appropriate state and county officials have been advised of the situation.

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